More than $600,000 distributed! $137,325 was distributed to 27 nonprofits throughout Ohio in 2014, bringing the total to $639,437 awarded to cancer care providers since 2007. more info

Our Mission is to help Ohio breast cancer patients with the day-to-day challenges of living while being treated for breast cancer.

Our monies help nonprofits in your community provide emergency living expenses and other services to their clients.

100% of funds stay in Ohio.



We want to be your
charity of choice!

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 118 per 100,000 men & women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually in the State of Ohio and of those diagnosed 26 per 100,000 die from this vicious disease annually.

You can help these women and men by supporting the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio’s EMPOWER THE PINK campaign.

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The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio is an organization
worthy of your support:

  • Your support provides critical services to women and men in need, including transportation to treatment, co-pays for prescriptions and doctor visits, and emergency assistance to pay for housing, utilities and food.

  • We are a lean organization focused on our mission of helping women and men affected by breast cancer. In 2014, only 9% of our operating budget was spent on administration. 73% of our funds went directly to grants to nonprofits in your community to provide emergency assistance to breast cancer patients. 1% was devoted to helping patients and their families find local resources. The remaining 17% was focused on education and community outreach.

  • 100% of all funds raised stay in Ohio.

EMPOWER THE PINK means that all of us are empowered to do something about breast cancer, whether it is driving a car with a Breast Cancer Awareness license plate, making a donation, or simply signing a petition showing your love and concern for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Supporting EMPOWER THE PINK requires no hard work! All you do is put a sign on your sales counter or desk asking for signatures and identify how much you will donate per signature - $10, $100, $1,000 … you name the amount! Once a sign has been filled, you can post it on your wall and put up another sign.

You can also incorporate your support into your social media! Post on Facebook, or tweet via Twitter, that for every like, share or retweet, you will donate $1, $10, or $100 … up to the limit you select.

Feel free to publicize your support of breast cancer patients and survivors in all of your media advertising so that the community is aware of your concern (we will provide you with sample verbiage upon request).

At the end of the month, send us the money you agreed to donate. We will list you as a “PROUD SUPPORTER OF EMPOWER THE PINK” on our website.

It’s very easy to participate. Simply complete the interest form and let us know how many locations will be participating. We will send you all the materials you need.

Questions? Contact Deb Ferenc, General Administrator, at or 216-287-0355.

Thank you for your consideration. We are looking forward to partnering with you!

Real help beyond medical care

The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio supports organizations in your community that help women and men who are coping with the day-to-day challenges of living while being treated for breast cancer.

100% of funds raised stay here in Ohio to benefit patients in your community.

Your support of the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio provides these critical services to women and men in need:

  • transportation to and from treatments

  • temporary support of living expenses such as housing, utilities, and food

  • child care during diagnostic and treatment procedures

  • job training

  • mental health services not covered by a third party

  • assistance with treatment costs, prescriptions, and co-pays not covered by a third party

  • costs of participation in clinical trials that are not covered by a third party

"We need to support these ladies and gentlemen as much as possible while they are battling the disease!"

- Cathy Phillips RN, OCN,
Director of Columbus Cancer Clinic



Purchase a Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio License Plate today ...
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Donate to the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio's HIGHWAY OF HOPE.

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Our 2014 Annual Report profiles who we have helped and how you can make a difference in the lives of women and men undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Click here for a pdf version.

Guidestar approved! The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio has earned the GuideStar Gold Exchange Seal, the leading symbol of accountability in the nonprofit world. Guidestar serves to legitimize nonprofits and is a valuable source of information to potential donors and grantors. If you are thinking about donating to us – and we are incredibly grateful – rest assured that we value responsibility, transparency, and accountability with the funds we are entrusted with.

The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio will be at many local events in 2014. Check out our FACEBOOK page for details. And if you want us at your event, contact Deb Ferenc, our Executive Director, at

If you or a loved one have breast cancer, call 216-287-0355. Our staff can direct you to information about breast cancer and resources in your community that can help you with financial assistance for food, transportation, child care, utilities, and more during your treatment. Also see our links page for regional and national resources.

Help us promote the Breast Cancer Awareness license plate by posting our PSA's on your website and other materials.

Board Members needed.
We are looking for people with passion and commitment to join our Board of Directors ... Breast cancer survivors and representatives from rural areas of Ohio are highly encouraged to apply!!
Click here for more info.

Join us on Facebook! Click here to go to our group page ... post your stories of how breast cancer has affected you, tell why you bought the plate, and more!

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